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Nice little cafe in Leyton to stop for a coffee and cake or to grab a take away coffee on the way to work.
367A高Rd莱顿,伦敦E10 5NA

所有的巴拉卡的食物产品符合HMC(清真监测委员会)规定的–即HMC已证我们,我们的产品符合伊斯兰膳食的规则。 巴拉卡是一个值得信赖的名字在清真的餐饮业务。 好吃,好吃,和诱人的是一些形容词用于我们许多人满意的顾客后取样我们的各种美味佳肴。 从美味的烤肉烤肉到地中海的开胃菜美味的甜点,Baraka将准备的一顿美餐对你的每一次访问。 我们甚至有一个新鲜的水果汁吧,可以自定义的果汁和果汁来了

38-40白教堂Rd,London E1 1JX
We bring people together through their love for good wholesome, flavourful, Mexican food. With over 15 years experience in the food industry, we know how to work a kitchen and his vision is to bring you fresh ingredients at an affordable price.
11利山Rd,Wembley HA9 8AF,英国


135大炮的大街上,白教堂,London E1 2LX,storbritannien

大教育部提供了一个很好的设置与所有花哨来与1950年代主题餐馆。 我们提供最好的品味和数量,直到胃内容,有的最好品尝美味的牛排和汉堡扒到自制的完善,ith为主题的内部拥有一个复古服装和典型的展台式的座位。

3Jenkins Ln,叫IG11 0AD

Our specialty is delicious cuisine created with the ingenuity and passion inspired by the fantastic flavors of Somali itself. We take great pride in improving upon your favorite Somali dishes in new and creative ways. Come and experience Somali cooking way!.

137 High St, London NW10 4TR, UK

We serve you our excellent burgers and shakes. You will find us as the best in Harlesden. We offer the Buzzer Burger Served with fried egg, hash brown, cheese, lettuce, onions, tomato topped with burger sauce.

Library Parade, Craven Park Rd, London NW10 8SG, UK

We are an international Vegan Cuisine in the Heart of West London. We are passionate about plant-based cuisine and want to make it exciting for vegans and meat eaters alike, in a beautiful yet relaxed environment. Some of our signature dishes include Shakshouka Tagine with Vegan Merguez, Vegan Jerk Burger, and Baked Vegan Parmesan and Harissa Cauliflower Steak, to nourish the body and engage the senses.

Keslake Mansions, Station Terrace, London NW10 5RU, UK

We love bringing a great concept to life in the world and watching it get results. Drawing upon diverse backgrounds, our team has combined experience in making the intangible take shape. We do this because we know that great design does not happen by accident. Its the product of many minds working together: Amazing Sweets and Cream Cakes, Fresh Fruit Milk Shake.

140 Uxbridge Rd, Shepherd's Bush, London W12 8AA, UK
We take great care to ensure that our diners are happy with both our food and service. We have many years of experience in providing service and catering to standards of excellence. Our food speaks for itself. A delicate blend of Northern Indian and Bangladeshi flavours combine to create a unique taste to tantalise all palates. We always use fresh ingredients, locally sourced produce where possible and have most of your traditional favourites within our extensive menus.
55Aldersgate St,伦敦EC1A4EU,英国

We are best takeaway in Shepherds Bush with perfect crispy chicken. We now do great pizzas. Pizzas freshly prepared for you; Margherita Pizza with 100 % Mozzarella cheese with our delicious tomato sauce & herbs.

64戈德霍克路,牧羊人的灌木,大London W12 8HA

We are constantly striving to improve our service and quality in order to give our customers the very best experience. We will always be offering great food, your favourite dishes and many more delicious options at affordable prices.

23波士顿游行,波士顿花园,伦敦W7 2DG,UK

We are known as the best home for Indian cuisine and drinks in the heart of north west London, Cricklewood. It is recommended by guests since the opening in 1989. We invite you to our bar and grill to experience Indian food at its best. We serve freshly cooked food with high quality standard. Our team of experienced and creative chefs have been trained to the highest level to provide best food with freshest and finest ingredient available. We believe in quality food with the perfect spices.

68 Cricklewood Broadway, London NW2 3EP, UK

We are a quiet unpretentious small restaurant that serves great food at a great price. We will serve you complimentary starters. The main menu of our restaurant are Kebab and Kuzi which are very tasty. You will taste the different amazing kind of Iraqi food.

17 Bouverie Pl, Paddington, London W2 1RD, UK

A selection of appetisers that are either traditionally from nepal or created by our exprienced chefs to get you started off to a beautiful evening. We at Nepal Authentic Dining aim to bring all of our customers the very best value for money, services and food around London.

121 Uxbridge Rd, Shepherd's Bush, London W12 8NL, UK